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Service Description URI Options
Phone Call This will ask the user if they want to make a call to this number tel:1-555-1234 For International numbers tel:0048111222333
SMS This will populate and open the SMS messaging App. sms:1-555-1234&body=I can send an SMS You can not use some characters line , or ; in the sms body text.
Facebook Got to a users profile or page. fb://profile/665731994 Here you can find your Facebook profile ID
Facebook Go to a page fb://page/330599673620794
Twitter Go to a specific users feed. twitter://user?screen_name=origamiengine
Google+ Go to your google plus account. gplus://plus.google.com/+Origamiengine
Tumblr tumblr://x-callback-url/[id]
eBay eBay://launch?itm=360703170135
Snapchat snapchat://?u=username
Pintrest pinterest://user/[id]
Instagram instagram://user?username=[id]
Meercat meerkat://
Parascope pscp://user/[user id]
What’s App whatsapp://send?abid=[users name]&text=[message text] Details can be found here.
Line line://msg/text/Hi there!
We Chat weixin://dl/profile
Lnkedin linkedin://company/origamiengine
Yelp  yelp:///biz/[id]


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